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yoked married yoke the quantum of labour performed at one spell by husbandmen
yoked to wild creatures in quest of her that was ravished from the circling
yoked the steeds in his father chariot because he was able to drive them in
yoked his fleet horses with hoofs of bronze and manes of glittering gold he
yoked his fleet brazen footed steeds with their manes of gold flying in the wind
yoked the fleet horses xanthus and balius steeds that could fly like the wind
yoked along with them but automedon knew what to do without the loss of moment
yoked the trojan horses which he had taken from aeneas when apollo bore him out
yoked his fleet horses agamemnon mare aethe and his own horse podargus the mare
yoked his horses to his chariot and bound the body of hector behind that he
yoked the harness mules which the mysians had on time given as goodly present to
yoked horses which the old king had bred and kept his own use thus heedfully
yoked their horses and mules and drove them through the host so that man
yoked their oxen and mules and gathered together before the city nine days long
yoked and struggling against the reins but on the of an impotent scheme art thou
yoked war canoes the lakeman laughed him to scorn assuring him that the pistol
yoked together like colossal bullocks whereof one reclines while the other
yoked cattle should be put to this leviathan to make him at budge to any
yoked together and an unseen tyrant driving them the lean shade siding the rib
yoked together three camels placing female in the and male like trace horse to
yoked from young ones the more lately born the better their female camels are
yoked car wherein the holy church defended her and rode triumphant through the
yoked in chariots they are very high spirited therefore the natives of the drive
yoked with bridge by persian and he set forth the manner of the march he
yoked the bosphorus of thracia and made bridge over the river ister had crossed
yoked with bridges and being informed that this place was called the nine ways
yoked with his that did betray the best turn then my freshest reputation to
yoked with lamb that carries anger as the flint bears fire who much enforced
yoked pair this lean shadow and this fat substance have prompted me to write
yoked to cows from which they had taken the calves and let them choose their
yoked together pair of which pair the near and the off horse is each part
yoked with unbelievers such do worship i e do consent are subjected neither do
yoked on the banks of simois and many bloody tournament did ye ordain with never
yoked fast to an evil doom my own lot i regard less than his i
yoked to new mood messenger alas alas then too late on this errand was i
yoked nation train up in arms ten years are spent since first he undertook this
yoked of god and thousand galleys of argos trod the seas the righting of wrong
yoked hard easy trace horse he corn flushed hunger and hunger prison mate the
yoked the wild beasts since progeny however savage must be tamed and chid by
yoked them tremble and amain steering them over along their own old road
yoked chariot and yoked pairs abreast came earlier than yokes of four or
yoked pairs abreast came earlier than yokes of four or chariots whereinto clomb
yoked may draw with you there millions now alive that lie in those unproper beds
yoked in harmony since by the force of law i won my ends and kept
yoked in marriage and many that do marry marry late when the prime and of
yoked epode black maned was graven that laboured and the hot dust smoked
yoked by fool methinks should be chronicled wise proteus yet writers say as in
yoked under the chariot of their mistress up then and let us where divine
yoked horses to begin the battle he his father sword behind and caught up his

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