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di 02 lettere : ya ar rd
di 03 lettere : ard
di 04 lettere : yard


savoyards dockyards shipyards lanyards vineyards sheepyards boyards farmyards halyards graveyards courtyards sailyards oliveyards


yards lashed together saving ship wrecked persons catch club member of the patch
yards and docks red shank scotch highlander regulars share of the booty the
yards reverence an ancient custom which obliges any person easing himself near
yards of ribband from waggon stretching hanging he ll stretch he will be hanged
yards in front of him before he was attacked by three persons man and two
yards along the platform noticing the man reaching spot that was unoccupied and
yards of linen and has been of use don you feel like wolsey plantagenet in
yards narrow smooth streets little shops but the pace of life seemed frantic
yards or so toward the walled wagon yard chapter 5 the break in in flint
yards the wall turned corner narrow alley wider than would allow two dwarves
yards to the northeast corner in sprint since the sun was dropping lower he
yards to his right the derro guard circled both wagons bending down to look
yards down the side of the ridge he wiped his sleeve across his sweaty brow
yards away from the stream and toward thicket there he lay waiting the pursuing
yards away alongside the wall the startled derro skidded to stop casting
yards he touched the ring and vanished reappearing again atop the barrel the
yards ahead of them between the wagons as he broke past the back ends of
yards away was large dark brown barn of heavy logs the windowless structure had
yards beyond the muddy trail grayhoof lumbered off the road pulling the wagon
yards anyone who failed this test was stricken from the unit the third line of
yards distance closed the gap now in the glaring light of the bonfires flint
yards of que shu clear view of the village was blocked by the circular stone
yards ahead the galloping horses skidded unceremoniously into swamp dragging the
yards was low expanse of shrubs and trees which everyone hoped meant the end of
yards from the ship moments later tre mendous gust of wind slammed into the
yards away sitting on of the wa ter was gisella waving soggy kerchief in his
yards in both directions fading gradually into the surrounding woods and sloughs
yards down side street motioning to phineas to the human led his pony behind as
yards through the brush suddenly saw gaping hole in the ground with steps cut
yards she found us hooray but even as woodrow cheered gisella grimaced and
yards from the cluster of kender what in hell was that foggy tunnel he grumbled
yards to what had been nicknamed tornado alley who was part of the very end
yards the opening of hundreds of loading valves ibrahim tolkaze was their leader
yards with the master pipeline switches tolkaze had special plan he rapidly
yards would be allowed at later date to be agreed on second as an alternative
yards away just like being there so we turn on the scope tv camera and
yards what appears to be routine but maintenance we have reason to believe that
yards the executive officer reported bearing one four two speed eighteen knots
yards away its rotor already turning he walked toward along with four other men
yards the navigator didn even look up the captain grunted knowing what the
yards plus or minus was fine accuracy by any rational standard but while
yards could ground them damaging the submarine and making noise the captain
yards off pleasure cruise like the sonar chief concluded with small irony
yards behind the delta beyond her by about half mile was spherical radar dome
yards short of sir stop stop aye the dialed the annunciator handle engine room
yards you really know your stuff same thing with the sun and the moon that
yards across and with two traffic lanes that crossed the river elbe in the of
yards from battalion commander tank the north was had been in use over fifty
yards away the pilots were in those fighters waiting they been waiting ninety
yards away 5a galaxy cargo plane began to accelerate down runway one eight
yards away those aircraft just back from patrol had their fuel tanks topped off
yards from air ops its fragments ripping into number of buildings the worst hit
yards away fuel truck exploded sending fireball towering into the sky and
yards between them as they tore across the flat rocky gorse toward the nato air
yards to be sure that one was following them the others looked ahead to the
yards away mccafferty cringed and spun the back around multiengine aircraft was
yards west of the terminal the lieutenant handed the glasses over okay that some
yards from their targets the warheads detonated the aegis did quite well just
yards designed to operate in fully automatic mode the two after gun mounts on
yards from nimitz port quarter the thousand kilograms of high explosive rocked
yards apart the after gun mount tracked on both but couldn decide which to
yards of her on the horizon ball of flame announced the destruction of yet
yards from you captain got out anyone i don know burning like hell looks like
yards soon the sky might be clear again and wouldn get dark again quite while
yards beyond was mobile antiaircraft gun vehicle the phantom engaged with his
yards bearing three four zero to three three six the frigate relayed this at
yards transient transient called the ship sonar operator metallic noise had come
yards away would have trouble spotting us in this crap i say we wait to
yards with the sun just below the horizon the lieutenant put on his pack and
yards hoping that the dim light and their camouflage uniforms would make them
yards from the highway again smith moved off first this time with his back bent
yards away edwards couldn tell they carried weapons or each man stopped and
yards later were in yet another lava field climbing over rocks into the
yards the tactical action officer said get the helo up morris ordered five
yards stream the mad gear the pilot advanced his throttles to race toward the
yards behind him the 3c powerful came on spotting the telltale wake by the now
yards west of the terminal building are the fighters together or dispersed
yards from his wing the soviet pilot instinctively turned right to evade that
yards away from the bomber the warhead expanded explosively like breaking into
yards evaluate as probable submarine nail him morris ordered the fuel asroc
yards every vehicle in the compound was engulfed in flame and only those men
yards edwards wearily got to his feet forcing his marines to do likewise and
yards car coming smith saw the glare of the first four men dropped and
yards edwards lay prone his elbows propped up on the wet grass and binoculars to
yards from the truck that had driven in more than twenty yards from the home
yards from the home front door sir you re getting little careless smith warned
yards and bunched together i think time we do something anybody disagree edwards
yards down the coastal highway the road paralleled steep cliff they halted the
yards farther out and they lose us sure okay they can monitor them at once
yards before returning to base course overhead they knew was bear asw aircraft
yards we think he sovremenny the kresta is about five thousand yards east of him
yards east of him he pinging away with hull and vds sonars mccafferty nodded the
yards in front of her listening to her breathing listening sobs wanting to say
yards away her hands gripped at the bedroll by the time he reached her she
yards the missile was confused by the chaff had its brain had the capacity to
yards to the waiting vehicle its engine already turning the rear door hadn yet
yards to another prepared position damned smoke sergetov swore the wind blew
yards in front of him target tank one o clock shoot the abrams rocked backward
yards bright pip glowed on the sonar scope ahead flank morris yelled somehow the
yards away must have missed the frigate on its first try then turned another
yards away edwards had never done this sort of fishing his experience were in
yards off bearing at them nose down the multibarreled gun trained at them he
yards away its rotor tossed up circle of spray from the surrounding marsh go
yards rodgers was already half asleep his head resting on his folded jacket the
yards and wait minute or two then you hammer the bastard hard and pickle off
yards three minutes later the sonar went down again nothing this time o malley

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