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inevitr vitiation cvitably vitiates ductivity ivity servitudes vitellian vitellii festivity nativities vitellius vitellus vitalianus vitax vitruvius passivity impassivity aeviternity aeviternal aeviternities proclivity longevity concupivit vituperated leviticus avitus avit levitical mandavit levites gravities novitatum ninevites civit decrevit divite vitia indicavit vitanda servitute vitiosa relativity civitas unvitiated uninvitedly vitus divitias levities devita novitates ornavit afflavit formavit spiravit vitriol simulavit vituperatur diviti vitium vitio vitam vallavit liberavit inviteth vitreum vituli vitaille significavit eructavit servitour vitellon vitellonis vitail vitremite regnavit invitatory gravitates acclivity vitaliano pravity prostravit vitas negavit breviter dissimulavit xvith vocavit civitat vitem civitates civitatis vitellino removit exspiravit necavit superavit servitium solvit vitensis optavit


vit onde si possa compiere una manufattura con meno gente o che i lo stesso
vit i that virtuous deeds deserve praise while deeds that are opposed to virtue
vit and as of other creatures producant aqu producat terra the forms of
vit in the handling of this science those which have written seem to me to
vit extremum inter munera ponat natur so have they sought to make men minds too
vit quisque deliberat de summa nemo may make this part seem superfluous yet i
vit apollon viii footnote 56 dion lxviii plin epistol iv 22 ii about ten years
vit 12 calls apricum competentem locum hospitium pro voluntate secretum quicquid
vit constant ii 54 footnote 163 see mosheim 938 the of eusebius very plainly
vit constant ii 53 semler cap e 115 the goths owed their first knowledge of
vit aedesii 72 iii in the of policy introduced by augustus the governors those
vit constantin iv 7 and aurelius victor seem to confirm the truth of this
vit agricol 15 or as they were afterwards called rationales hist august 130 but
vit constantin iv 29 54 and some of the imperial laws feebly point out the
vit constantin iv 51 julian orat i 11 16 with spanheim elaborate commentary
vit constantin iv 6 socrates i 18 sozomen i 8 zosimus ii 108 jornandes de
vit const iv 50 remarks three circumstances relative to these indians 1 they
vit constantin iv 69 zosimus ii 117 idat in chron see two notes of tillemont
vit hist theod i 25 sozom ii 8 15 footnote 57 julian orat i 20
vit aedesii 44 47 attributes to this philosophic ambassador the glory of
vit constant i 27 32 footnote 4 zosimus ii 104 footnote 5 that rite was
vit constant iv 61 immediately before his baptism and death from the connection
vit constant iv 61 62 63 the legend of constantine baptism at rome thirteen
vit constant iii 47 that she herself was indebted to constantine the knowledge
vit const i 16 17 lactant divin institut i caecilius de mort persecut 25 about
vit constantin i 49 56 ii 1 2 aurelius victor mentions his cruelty in general
vit constant ii 24 42 48 60 chapter xx conversion of constantine part ii the
vit constantin i 40 this statue or at least the cross and may be ascribed
vit constantin i 30 31 baronius annal eccles 312 26 has engraved representation
vit constantin ii 7 8 9 he introduces the labarum before the italian expedition
vit constant passim and zosimus ii 104 footnote 57 the christianity of
vit const iv 15 32 and the whole tenor of constantine sermon the faith and
vit constant iv 15 16 the pride of constantine who refused the privileges of
vit constant iv 27 and cod theod xvi tit ix with godefroy commentary tom vi
vit iv 9 the pressing and pathetic epistle of constantine in favor of his
vit martin 23 and dialogue ii 7 yet may be doubted whether these extraordinary
vit martin 7 the council of laodicea canon xiii prohibits mobs and tumults and
vit constantin iv 28 he repeatedly expatiates on the liberality of the christian
vit cons vi 46 longer exists but he has inserted in the life of constantine
vit constant iv 27 and sozomen i 9 we are assured that the episcopal
vit constantin iii 6 21 tillemont mem ecclesiastiques tom vi 669 759 footnote
vit constantin iii 63 64 65 66 footnote 2 after some examination of the various
vit constant ii 64 72 the principles of toleration and religious indifference
vit constantin iii 13 footnote 79 theodoret has preserved i 20 an epistle from
vit constant iii 23 iv 41 socrates i 23 39 sozomen ii 16 34 theodoret
vit constant iv 42 seems to prejudge some members of the clergy and was more
vit constantin iv 41 47 chapter xxi persecution of heresy state of the church
vit sophist 36 37 edit commelin strange example of the cruelty and credulity of
vit patr 524 footnote 135 athanas tom i 694 the emperor or his arian secretaries
vit patrum 776 the original author of this anecdote had conversed with the
vit constantin ii 45 the emperor prohibited both in cities and in the the
vit constantin ii 56 60 in the sermon to the of saints which the emperor
vit constantin iii 54 58 and iv 23 25 these acts of authority may be
vit constan iii 54 58 and libanius orat pro templis 9 10 edit gothofred both
vit sophist in maximo 68 69 70 edit commelin footnote 12 modern philosopher has
vit sophist in proaeresio 126 some students whose expectations perhaps were
vit constantin iii 25 47 51 53 the emperor likewise built churches at bethlem
vit sophist 135 the critics have observed similar sentiment in one of the
vit saladin work from which i have obtained much oriental knowledge concerning
vit sophist 88 89 and young who had accidentally found one of the proscribed
vit agricol xi caesar had observed their common religion comment de bello
vit agricol 16 iii the prince who refuses to be the judge the people to
vit paul eremit tom i 238 footnote 129 st anthony likewise met one of these
vit hilarion epidaurus must have been overwhelmed had the prudent citizens
vit xvi make the very same complaint and will be remembered that his adoption of
vit chapter 11 whether one can both be living and dead at the same time
vit manuel i 4 5 6 41 48 cinnamus ii 41 49 footnote 10 the
vit saladin 110 footnote 15 i must observe that in the second and third crusades
vit saladin 119 120 the ambiguous conduct of kilidge arslan sultan of cogni who
vit ima iii 2 vit iida 16 45 record marvellous example of his pious apathy
vit iida 16 45 record marvellous example of his pious apathy juxta lacum etiam
vit ima iii 4 tom vi footnote 311 bernard had nobler in his expedition into
vit ratione magis laudabili aut qu pluribus justiti experimentis abundaret the
vit saladin 30 39 abulfeda in excerpt schultens 1 12 herbelot bibliot orient

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