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di 02 lettere : tr ri ib bu un ne es
di 03 lettere : tri rib bun une nes
di 04 lettere : trib bune
di 05 lettere : tribu
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tribunes who acted indeed with full consular power but were thought to exercise
tribunes to build forts in the enemy and raising works about their camp to join
tribunes of the people brought forward motion that the people and senate should
tribunes to tend rather to destruction than division of rome greatly averse to
tribunes of the people again resuming their motion the division of the city the
tribunes in factions and seditions very common remedy indeed with the romans who
tribunes of the people again brought their motion dividing the city to the vote
tribunes thing their consideration that going along the night before in the
tribunes that they are to expect the gauls but the tribunes made mock and sport
tribunes made mock and sport with the story and little after came camillus
tribunes the gauls on hearing this in great rage threw aside every delay and
tribunes brought the romans into the field to be ready to engage them being
tribunes who commanded the army and were encamped about the hill maecius being
tribunes was besieged by the latins and volscians was to arm only those under
tribunes to lead the army immediately against the enemy these were the
tribunes of the people were chosen but the election of consuls was interrupted
tribunes of the people intended to prefer the law he appointed by proclamation
tribunes of the people met his threats by protesting they would fine him in
tribunes of the people commanded him to rise and him laying his hand upon him
tribunes to draw out the army into the field and though he himself leaping on
tribunes raised thousand stories against him chiefly at the instigation of
tribunes of the people and the first two they pitched upon were junius brutus
tribunes they were indeed even now formidable to the state since they desired
tribunes who were present perceiving how the proposal of marcius took ran out
tribunes prevented this by laying the blame on coriolanus whom therefore they
tribunes but also beat the aediles that were their seconds in the quarrel night
tribunes standing up declared in the name of the people that since the senate
tribunes after little private conference with his colleagues proceeded to
tribunes of the people and bid the aediles take him to the tarpeian rock and
tribunes wisely perceiving how impossible would be to carry off marcius to
tribunes what the crimes were they intended to charge him with and what the
tribunes contrary to former practice extorted first that votes should be taken
tribunes of the people because the four hours that were remaining of the day
tribunes commanded him to speak then he had to say he began long oration filled
tribunes when was dark dismissed the the soldiers growing more vehement on this
tribunes had appointed the following to be held as soon as was day was put
tribunes to defer polling till they had spoken what they had to say to the
tribunes of the people endeavored by various shifts and exceptions to elude the
tribunes refused their protection by flat denial rejected the charge as there
tribunes of the soldiers being slain in apulia and the greatest part of the army
tribunes bring forth the rest of the forces and draw them up on news of
tribunes of the people sent to call him back to rome in case the accusations
tribunes of the people with much ado dismissed is also said of cato that when
tribunes of the people to accuse him and to fine him two talents they likewise
tribunes of the people fulvius and manius and their party opposed him alleging
tribunes but one of them assisted him so that the senate immediately the decree
tribunes sued the consulship inveighing in ways against metellus and promising
tribunes swayed the populace and of whom marius himself was very observant
tribunes to receive the charge of the army from hereupon exasperating his
tribunes marius had sent they slew them marius having done as much several of
tribunes to receive the army and bring to marius but having got first to the
tribunes marius in requital proceeded to put the friends of in the city to the
tribunes of the people to be his accuser but leaving him and the court of
tribunes to him but they tumultuously gathered together and made shouting night
tribunes yet more contributed at home invidiously accusing lucullus as one who
tribunes and that the camp itself was taken lucullus coming up few days after
tribunes permitting the officer released crassus ateius therefore running to the
tribunes and agreeing that the best way was to fly they ordered the army out
tribunes of the people refuge and to attach himself to the young men among whom
tribunes of the people who escorted him were desperately wounded in the fray and
tribunes on whose refusing to let him take any money out of the treasury caesar
tribunes at rome alleging that in greece he could have fair play against
tribunes impeached him profaning the holy rites and some of the principal
tribunes than by consul in which he proposed the plantation of colonies and
tribunes but when he saw that cato went along without speaking word and only the
tribunes to rescue cato as the other senators some few of them attended the
tribunes and carried into the field of mars and there her funeral rites were
tribunes the lupercalia were then celebrated feast at the first institution
tribunes of the people went and pulled them off and having apprehended those who
tribunes of the people used to transact their business and because one of the
tribunes and in so doing gave specimen both of his courage and his powers of
tribunes caesar therefore and his party fearing they should carry by fair
tribunes interpose and procure his release however having won the multitude by
tribunes continued the and cato standing up as were by inspiration foretold the
tribunes they kept by an armed force within the senate house cato who cried
tribunes who stopped the election favonius was afterward chosen aedile and cato
tribunes who had in any way implicated themselves in the agreement laying the
tribunes seemed to be violated which had always continued till that day sacred
tribunes as well as the consuls hold office by the people votes the government
tribunes his colleagues who regarded as piece of violent and presumptuous
tribunes of the people having called him before the people and accused him he
tribunes of the people proposed laws to the same purpose constituting commission
tribunes by his oratory that they abandoned thought of their other projects
tribunes but they would do nothing till cicero himself yielding remitted that
tribunes these entering upon their office some few days before cicero consulate
tribunes the more exasperated by this endeavored to create him further trouble
tribunes he being of equal power with the rest and of greater reputation could
tribunes immediately attacked cicero heaping up matters and inciting persons
tribunes were wounded in the and quintus cicero brother was as dead lying
tribunes was the first who took confidence to summon clodius to trial acts of
tribunes and that he who spoke common fair dealing was driven out and in danger
tribunes other magistrates cease to exercise any authority in rome dolabella
tribunes who were followed home by the people with shouts of applause caesar
tribunes were used to come to him orders thus one night before he passed out
tribunes entering his tent with his drawn sword bade him either take the
tribunes summoning together in the evening those under his command charged
tribunes and centurions the first cohort which always claimed the post of honor
tribunes was in every respect different from that of the consuls the appearance
tribunes were annually invested with their respective ensigns of office and
tribunes themselves since as he observes the officer who has forfeited the
tribunes whose connivance had occasioned the mutiny the grateful legion served
tribunes were commissioned to take his devoted life they executed the order with
tribunes and although the armies had regular place or forms of though their
tribunes formed great military council they soon announced to the multitude that
tribunes and commissary of provisions undertook the management of the conspiracy
tribunes and centurions and may take many things from his subjects in order to

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