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ALFAGRAMMA : delnoprs


di 02 lettere : sp pl le en do or
di 03 lettere : ple end dor
di 04 lettere : lend
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di 06 lettere :
di 07 lettere : splendo




splendor the neatly squared streets high walls thick columns houses and shops
splendor but she did think however that seemed rather out of place in temple
splendor of the temple he began to realize where he was this holy place this
splendor took the kender breath away he stared around in delight marveling at
splendor she might have enjoyed with her father she is said to have died after
splendor of their preparations war and in alarm at their violence and fierceness
splendor to these rites escorting the procession again by land and protecting
splendor of his family had the respect and privilege of king among the volscians
splendor of their arms and the slowness and order of their march and when now
splendor and magnificence in other respects and the bier decked with ornaments
splendor of such preparations but in the good will honor and love only of his
splendor and show of the tyrant defenses since she was admitted within them she
splendor received king eumenes on his visit to rome and the chief citizens
splendor having such orders as the occasion required he hastened to catulus
splendor of his assistance and told him he was resolved to pass through
splendor of his actions in arms and his successful achievements in the wars drew
splendor of his triumph the rest he to stratonice disposal bidding her please
splendor of his armor his swordbelt however which had cost four hundred talents
splendor and glory possible to man and find his family as desirous to see him
splendor and magnificence of pompey triumph was such that though took up the
splendor and ornament to venus should be made with spoils furnished by himself
splendor of living that they were ready to pursue and upon with the eagerness of
splendor of the equipage and decorations but the competition among those who
splendor of his manner of life contributed little by little to create and
splendor and costliness of his reception should have sum of money granted him
splendor of the success was the humane and generous conduct of demetrius to the
splendor back to humiliation and from utter weakness once more to power and
splendor luxury and sumptuosity calling that of the diers together those that
splendor and magnificence so that many of the guests sat down in want and went
splendor and magnificence being granted to her to employ what she pleased on his
splendor and magnificence her women also received honorable burial by his
splendor and magnificence these valuables his friends packed up and conveyed to
splendor to the eastern empire will comprehend the invasion of italy by the
splendor and isis and serapis at assumed their place among the roman deities nor
splendor of the colonies and in the reign of hadrian was disputed which was the
splendor of prosperity became gradually more visible as the shades of night
splendor of their age and and the influence of fashion very supplied the want of
splendor of verona may be traced in its remains yet verona was less celebrated
splendor from its ashes and that capital as well as capua and corinth soon
splendor is still displayed in its ruins laodicea collected very considerable
splendor whatever could soothe their pride or gratify their sensuality such
splendor of the cities the beautiful face of the cultivated and adorned like an
splendor the refined pleasures of rome with the tumult of pannonian camp which
splendor of the imperial station as soon as the character of macrinus was
splendor the religion and empire of cyrus i during the long servitude of persia
splendor the first counsel of the magi was agreeable to the unsociable genius of
splendor indeed but of far more advantage that little state occupied the
splendor of the the great king therefore such was the of his embassies to the
splendor you will improve the revenue yet moderate the burdens you will
splendor from the magnificence of the emperor hadrian who had an artificial port
splendor of nicomedia were involved in the same calamity which in few weeks
splendor from seven repeated misfortunes was finally burnt by the goths in their
splendor but the rude savages of the baltic were destitute of taste the elegant
splendor was first necessary to revive among his troops sense of order and
splendor on their and while stood forth the rival of rome but the competition
splendor and benefit of that rich the navigation of the nile so important to
splendor with which in his own and his brother name he exhibited the roman games
splendor of an imperial city the houses are described as numerous and well built
splendor and luxury would subdue the imagination of the multitude that the
splendor of the roman triumph diocletian had meditated his design of abdicating
splendor about six or seven miles from the city diocletian magnificent palace
splendor of an imperial alliance reduced the son of helena to state of disgrace
splendor of his arms he charged in person the cavalry of his rival and his
splendor and dignity of the queen of the east the acknowledged populousness of
splendor and importance of their religious societies which during the course of
splendor as lost its internal purity and in the reign of diocletian the palace
splendor the season of obscurity which cannot surely be compared with the
splendor of versification in the work contains but few metres of which the
splendor of the world goes round day eden still relieving the awful night
splendor single and eternal but us he thrusts in darkness out of sight and you
splendor own she adorns herself with the jewelry and steps before the mirror
splendor which is the first kind again he says the word is what is pronounced
splendor to show that he is altogether like he is called the image to show
splendor of the intellect as damascene says de fide orth iii 3 augustine alludes
splendor tell thee that the co eternal son existed always with the father let
splendor and which was filled with angels was made i answer that as was observed
splendor without may correspond to that which is within hence basil hom ii in
splendor is among those things which are said of god metaphorically i answer
splendor so this other heaven will be called aqueous solely on account of its
splendor yet neither does this appear to be satisfactory distinction because our
splendor of the eternal son by reason of the light of grace which is attributed
splendor of eternal light cleanse whatever shines upon but itself cannot be
splendor of material things but even of squalor and this is signified by the
splendor and majesty of his hidden godhead which shone forth even in his human
splendor and usefulness likewise in an instant he conferred perfect health on
splendor of glorified body is after the manner of natural in the human body just
splendor from the sun radiance according to the mode of the but as lies within
splendor be seen or can be seen in its without its and was in this
splendor of grace and virtues reply to objection 2 as stated above 1 ad 2
splendor therefrom but as being due to merits wherefore though out of that place
splendor the robes nowise merited themselves whether the movement of the
splendor near i mine bent down he drove ashore in small bark so swift and
splendor made me question what might be and sweet melody ran through the
splendor of the latter 45 the emperors levied general capitation tax on the
splendor with which he appeared in the suppliant crowd who solicited his
splendor and majesty as often as they assumed the annual honors of the consular
splendor and ornaments of the capital particular inspector was appointed the
splendor of the school of berytus which preserved in the east the language and
splendor from the influence of royalty under prince who deserved to reign the
splendor rather than of real prosperity and the old age of constantine was
splendor and his mother name helena is still called elne became the seat of
splendor of unsullied beauty see the pantheon the severe simplicity of the
splendor of his purple on his hand the place of honor among the orientals
splendor of his purple rather than by the superiority of wisdom or virtue from
splendor of the throne the monarch was disgraced and the people was injured by
splendor or according to the glowing expression of libanius 77 the soul of the

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