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di 02 lettere : da as sh he ed
di 03 lettere : das ash she
di 04 lettere : dash shed
di 05 lettere :




dashed basalt last flickering hope and him more numb than the pounding he just
dashed into the darkness of the stone tunnel beyond strangely pleasant little
dashed the con tents into the fire then smashed the cup on the andiron the
dashed forward vaulting to the tops of the pyramids whereupon of the piled gully
dashed toward the bridge he saw pitrick reach toward the ring even while holding
dashed ahead of them into dark narrow mine shaft the tunnel continued straight
dashed from the cavern in the direction of the big sky room but perian shook
dashed the door the other aghar nearly dozen in raced be hind the lady perian
dashed into the shadows of the kitchen tas you shouldn have embarrassed her like
dashed out into the hallway to resume the riot alone in the chamber phineas
dashed toward the cabin too frightened by the storm sudden fury to be of any
dashed into the room and skipped between two rows of knee high jars of shapes
dashed through the door after bozdil the gnome stood in the hallway his back
dashed toward the fight snatching up the dwarf dagger on the way as tas aimed
dashed the farthest corner of the barge and hung their heads beneath the level
dashed from the alley chapter 21 denzil threw tasslehoff on the hay stewn dirt
dashed to the ground and evaded the other exploded in midair as the surviving
dashed forward they reached the ridge three minutes later one by one the huge
dashed out into the corridor of the temple after surely she would make raistlin
dashed and changed the subject i haven seen that sapper company you won they
dashed his gold bestudded sceptre on the ground and took his seat while the son
dashed in among the foremost fighters to the place where he had seen strike the
dashed amid the throng of the trojans but the fury of his pursuit he killed
dashed to earth amid the rage of battle and my sons wives dragged away by
dashed his head against one of the stones under the seats with intention to have
dashed against steep rocks that stood jutting out under the walls with great
dashed against the rocks or let fall at the engine that marcellus brought upon
dashed against the bridge they forced away the beams which supported in
dashed his head against the wall another time cassander would have said
dashed to pieces many men and much property fell into antony hands he took also
dashed against each other or against the shore the barbarians made several
dashed this world to pieces the other then its place may fill here on this
dashed myself full against the mark with prodigious noise the door flew open and
dashed upon the lee even that were safety worm like then oh who would craven
dashed at the whale as an arkansas duellist at his foe seeking with six inch
dashed upon the main hatches i saw regal feathery thing of unspotted whiteness
dashed upon hidden rocks with the other ordinary subjects of fearful
dashed their bucklers together the whole squall roared forked and crackled
dashed against by the seas and were at last taken up and safely landed on
dashed the brigandish guise which the canaller so proudly sports his slouched
dashed aside by the swell while radney was tossed over into the sea on the
dashed the helm down before the could handle the spokes the sudden exclamations
dashed sea water into more turns were taken so that the line began holding its
dashed one like the swell formed when two hostile currents meet his spout was
dashed plank or two sort of stitch in the side is generally the most serious
dashed with certain wild longing hopefulness but one morning turning to pass the
dashed me off and at the same instant the fish taking one good dart forwards
dashed at times with an old crutch like antediluvian wheezing humorousness now
dashed his heavenly quadrant and in these same perilous seas gropes he his way
dashed to the deck thou poor proud heaven gazer and sun pilot yesterday i
dashed on again paused and lowered her boats and though she had thus continued
dashed on him from moby dick and whelmed him the time but struggling out of
dashed them together like two rolling husks on surf beaten beach and then diving
dashed his broad forehead against its bottom and sent turning over and over into
dashed let us to the fleet with what speed we may some god whiche er
dashed was with swords and maces in which men might many an arrow find that
dashed his eyen then pity of his heart out streameden as swifte welles tway
dashed through the waves was drawn on board her ship from peril of death and
dashed against the mountains therefore the sounding line could come to any
dashed the waves of the hyperborean ocean and that the distant orkneys were the
dashed after dmitri meanwhile grigory had got up from the floor but still seemed
dashed to pieces against that earth which thou didst come to save and the wise
dashed away but what shall we do what must we do now what do you
dashed gayly by the babe answered the driver the babe weeping and mitya was
dashed headlong into the room jump perezvon beg beg shouted kolya jumping up and
dashed in run through the rooms might have pushed his father away might have
dashed against the rocks and some of them did know how to swim and perished
dashed his staff against the man face and as he continued to do this and
dashed together the work that had been made and broke up then when xerxes heard
dashed to pieces they since they saw longer any way of coming to crete founded
dashed him upon the ground and meanwhile the spearmen of masistes came in front
dashed he is marvellous good neighbour faith and very good bowler but alisander
dashed against the floor and he burst out of the room leaving poor sophia
dashed to death cassandra ravished and made mad yet does he show that theirs are
dashed and die nay let the thing be done thou shalt be wiser so nor
dashed her against the ground kicked her till she was covered with blood and at
dashed down his seat to the ground thou hast shortened the days of his seat
dashed to splinters and blood scattered therewith but the people lifted up cry
dashed in his face sounded in his ears and went home every night with the
dashed and discouraged but as that opinion i never found cause to think that the
dashed on his own head whole people is buried under the ruins of and private
dashed away and why unless those bodies of light should be finer than those of
dashed off flies back unto ourselves or the image wheels itself around when once
dashed together seeds aroused along their frames by venus goads and neither of
dashed along this haps when sometimes wind aroused force can burst the cloud
dashed out his brains then after hacking the fleshy parts with glutton cleaver
dashed out with grecian club yet he did what he could to die before and
dashed against the pavement and the honors of the ancient were prostituted to
dashed the vase against the ground omar would have avenged the deceit but his
dashed against each other or overwhelmed in the waves and i longer find vestige
dashed in pieces among the rocks and islands of hostile shore those who escaped
dashed against the rocks which the common people on heartily these whales i have
dashed out the ladders were now applied and mounted by several men which the
dashed to pieces or at least overset by the first violent blast or rising wave
dashed up would have been over with them is possible therefore knowing the
dashed out so impetuously the conversation had been more amusing than the
dashed among the flower tubs and hid there boris paused in the of the room
dashed some forward and some back drowning one another still the cannon balls
dashed to the floor many followed his example and the loud shouting continued
dashed so impetuously forward that seemed as he would rush through the whole
dashed in followed by black one and was in confusion the borzois formed star
dashed past anatole was sitting upright in the classic pose of military dandies
dashed after him on the way he came upon bush his gallant horse cleared and
dashed its breast against the hindquarters of the officer horse almost knocking
dashed without orders in pursuit of the flying russians in this way two cavalry
dashed in pursuit of the trap following the superintendent of police and talking

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