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dutchess dutche


dutch shell per cui lavorava aveva sottoscritto un contratto per il monitoraggio
dutch reckoning altitudes the man is in his altitudes i e he is drunk ambassador
dutch bricks also irons worn by prisoners crafty fellow to clip to hug or
dutch seamen being corruption of claus the abbreviation of nicholas name very
dutch sword cant dells young buxom wenches ripe and prone to venery but who have
dutch also the private parts of woman dopey beggar trull dot and go one to
dutch comfort thank god is worse dutch concert where every one plays or signs
dutch concert where every one plays or signs different tune dutch feast where
dutch feast where the entertainer gets drunk before his guest dutch reckoning or
dutch reckoning or alle mal verbal or lump account without particulars as
dutch froglander frosty face one pitted with the small pox frog wine gin
dutch earthen jugs used smuggling gin on the coasts of essex and suffolk are at
dutch seamen in which certain offences the delinquent is drawn once or oftener
dutch pug kind of lap dog formerly much in vogue also general name monkey pug
dutch merchant but the general and most probable opinion is that was invented by
dutch word of the same signification to build sconce military term bilking one
dutch vessel to skit to wheedle cant skit joke satirical hint skrip see scrip
dutch women supposing that by their constant use of stoves which they place
dutch coin worth somewhat more than penny sterling stock good stock i e of
dutch boy who put his finger in the dike kamau shook his head and spat
dutch french english and american men and women labored as our allies to
dutch container boat i expect she inbound military cargo morris grunted we need
dutch air force had bright idea two years before had its battlefield utility
dutch captain thought to bring his personal machine into his office and how by
dutch major carrying videotape cassette something this important the intel
dutch officer set up the machine computer generated map appeared then units
dutch bamburger as supernumerary he managed to conceal his pleasure at the news
dutch trying to shoot or flame that moved dropping grenade down hole when ever i
dutch and i stayed lucky quite long time milling around over an about mile
dutch and i were zipping along close to wall headed our special weapons squad in
dutch bug popped out and dutch went down i flamed the bug and tossed grenade
dutch went down i flamed the bug and tossed grenade and the hole closed up
dutch he was down but he didn look hurt platoon sergeant can monitor the on
dutch didn answer when i called to him his body temperature read ninety nine
dutch do this in manufactures and appear to be verj happy people the frendi do
dutch paper manufacture so many partial operations carried on side by side by
dutch in 7 emptied the lake of harlem were on the principle of ordinary pumps
dutch to resort to wind as motive power the windmill itself they got from
dutch with other things he says naively but our poor technical term labourers
dutch corrupted the portuguese governor he let them into the town in they
dutch manuffuy tures were far holland had ceased to be the nation preponderant
dutch twenty three one henry brougham an inquiry into the colonial policy of the
dutch hwal swedish whale icelandic whale english baleine french ballena spanish
dutch and english to the northern ocean in order possible to discover passage
dutch in de witt time have admirals of their whaling fleets why did louis xvi
dutch and english in the arctic seas is the whale which the american fishermen
dutch and old english authorities there might be quoted other lists of uncertain
dutch fishery two centuries and more ago the command of whale ship was wholly
dutch official is still retained but his former dignity is sadly abridged at
dutch sailor grand snoozing to night maty fat night that i mark this in our
dutch book of voyages entitled whaling voyage to spitzbergen in the ship jonas
dutch savage albert durer wooden whales or whales cut in profile out of the
dutch fishery mop was used to dash the running line with water in many other
dutch whalemen these scraps are called fritters which indeed they greatly
dutch barn in jewellers scales the pequod whale being decapitated and the body
dutch voyager likened its shape to that of shoemaker last and in this same last
dutch and germans are now among the least but here and there at very wide
dutch dogger cried stubb pull now men like fifty thousand line of battle ship
dutch village called or smeerenberg which latter name is the one used by the
dutch whale fleet to be tried out without being taken home to holland that
dutch volume which by the musty whaling smell of i knew must be about whalers
dutch and high german in the college of santa claus and st pott to whom
dutch book treated of the commerce of holland and among other subjects contained
dutch whalemen from which list as translated by dr snodhead i the following 400
dutch harpooneer in that ancient greenland and spitzbergen whale fishery in the
dutch whalemen including the short voyage to and from the spitzbergen sea did
dutch seamen in therefore i say we have precisely two barrels of beer per man
dutch whalers of two or three centuries ago were high livers and that the
dutch dorp 4 undermeles evening tides afternoons undern signifies the evening
dutch ingieten part inghehoten to infuse german eingiessen part eingegossen to
dutch which was largely accomplished through the influence of the works of
dutch have the fort of schenk name so offensive to the fastidious delicacy of
dutch ministers might in some way lay hold of his friend pere mersenne took
dutch italian or french let him speak to me i ll discover that which shall
dutch version and camerer read an internal cause honor gloria 8 see previous
dutch translator into majoris boni pollock 268 note proof the mind could have an
dutch translator into majoris boni pollock 268 note 16 continuo rendered by mr
dutch were as eager about pigeons as were the old romans the paramount
dutch clover trifolium repens yielded 2 290 seeds but twenty other heads
dutch logician or commentator he knew so much as in what the difference of an
dutch upon the point of the advanced counterscarp between the gate of st nicolas
dutch lodged themselves upon the counter guard and that the english made
dutch anatomists that the minute nerves from the organs of the seven senses
dutch draw bridge to say nothing of the train of little brass artillery you
dutch fashion and which went quite across the ditch was broke down and somehow
dutch silk mill these there was one i am going to speak of in which
dutch mile cubically multiplied will allow room enough and to spare eight
dutch commentator to the end of the chapter unless something be done i never
dutch to take the counterguard of st roch sword in hand and then with tender
dutch who were told they could pass the night on the scaffolds without exposing
dutch republic consists of seven provinces of different extent of territory
dutch the commerce of europe and the chinese that of asia they confine the
dutch were almost the only nation that carried on the trade from the south to
dutch the chinese 7 gain thousand per cent upon sugars and sometimes as much by
dutch make nearly the same profits every nation that acts upon japanese
dutch 8 these agreements are proper only poor nation whose inhabitants are
dutch at present impose on the commerce of the little indian princes had been
dutch chased the portuguese from almost their settlements in the east indies and
dutch trade to the east indies has increased in some measure the value of the
dutch of having funds in france specie is said to be common in france and
dutch are indebted certain number of crowns to france they will gain this money
dutch sending the value of fifty thousands crowns to france might buy fifty four
dutch who buy merchandise in france to the value of thousand crowns which they
dutch when merchant can gain he easily shares his profit there arises then
dutch in the same manner the french who bought merchandise of holland fifty four
dutch merchant will then both be losers the state will insensibly fall into

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