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ay che guarda caso si identifica col san lazzaro dei cattolici e protegge gli
ay from the very hour of her marriage she had commenced to learn what was
ay me aught that i could ever read could ever hear by tale or history
ay in the temple in the town the field you do me mischief fie demetrius
ay there is oberon i pray thee give me i know bank where the wild
ay me pity what dream was here lysander look how i do quake with fear
ay or one must come in with bush of thorns and lanthorn and say he
ay marry must you you must understand he goes but to see noise that he
ay do persever counterfeit sad looks make mouths upon me when i turn my back
ay by my life and never did desire to see thee more therefore be out
ay that way goes the game now i perceive that she hath made compare between
ay that pap where heart doth hop stabs himself thus die i thus thus thus
ay and wall too bottom starting up assure you the wall is down that parted
ay out 09 40 02 highermath higherma wsip 70 164 25 72 ri ri cox
ay ay clarence you scarcely have the hearts to tell me so and therefore cannot
ay clarence you scarcely have the hearts to tell me so and therefore cannot have
ay so we will clarence tell him when that our princely father york bless his
ay as be lesson us to weep clarence o do slander him he is kind
ay my good lord and one in this presence but his red colour hath forsook
ay boy boy i cannot think hark what noise is this enter queen elizabeth with
ay that the king is dead second citizen bad news by lady seldom comes the
ay sir is too true god help the while third citizen then masters look to
ay mother but i would have so duchess of york why my young cousin is
ay quoth my uncle gloucester small herbs have grace great weeds do grow apace
ay me i see the downfall of our house the tiger now hath seized the
ay brother to our grief as is yours too late he died that might have
ay my good lord hastings i ll have this crown of mine cut from my
ay on my life and hopes to find forward upon his party the gain thereof
ay my lord but i had rather kill two enemies king richard iii why there
ay what o clock buckingham i am thus to put your grace in mind of
ay i thank god my father and yourself duchess of york then hear my impatience
ay the devil tempt thee to do good queen elizabeth shall i forget myself to
ay yourself remembrance wrong yourself queen elizabeth but thou didst kill my
ay ay thou be gone to join with richmond i will trust you sir stanley
ay thou be gone to join with richmond i will trust you sir stanley most
ay but soon that war had end and the time state made friends of them
ay madam twenty several messengers why do you send so thick cleopatra who born
ay sir we did sleep day out of countenance and made the night light with
ay lepidus lepidus your serpent of is bred now of your mud by the operation
ay dread queen cleopatra where messenger madam in rome i look her in the face
ay me most wretched that have my heart parted betwixt two friends that do
ay and to wage this battle at pharsalia where caesar fought with pompey but
ay are you thereabouts why then good night indeed canidius toward peloponnesus
ay my lord mark antony the queen shall then have courtesy so she will yield
ay is strange third soldier do you hear masters do you hear first soldier the
ay noble lord mark antony sometimes we see cloud that dragonish vapour sometime
ay my lord mark antony that which is now horse even with thought the rack
ay ay farewell clown look you the worm is to be trusted but in the
ay farewell clown look you the worm is to be trusted but in the keeping
ay please your grace cardinal wolsey well we shall then know more and buckingham
ay marry there will be woe indeed lords the sly whoresons have got speeding
ay and the best she shall have and my favour to him that does best
ay utterly grow from the king acquaintance by this carriage the hearts of
ay my good lord king henry viii tis true where is he denny denny he
ay and of boy old lady ay ay my liege and of lovely boy the
ay ay my liege and of lovely boy the god of heaven both now and
ay my liege and of lovely boy the god of heaven both now and ever
ay was nice to do some networking and engage i good discussions sun 09 jan
ay labor alone was successfully established in wexford kilkenny clonmel water
ay his heart so says the bond this clinging to the letter of the law
ay may vary in two ways may be made either longer or shorter from our
ay creates greater or less amount of value in proportion to its thus variable
ay assume that takes place under the conditions we have here supposed to exist
ay were to shrink to the of this portion surplus labour would vanish
ay with wanton villains virtue i punish theban herald to meddle is aye thy wont
ay each of the seven chiefs who led their famous hosts adrastus what sayest thou
ay and strewed their biers and wrapped them in their shrouds adrastus an awful
ay said he we honor and commend such play as this we shall find some
ay we must away martha i ask you longer here to tarry but evil tongues
ay 1 siga 1 retrieval 1 1 hartford 1 thankfully 1 genuinelly 1 deriving 1
ay truly thou art ever pitiless and full of boldness st to deplore this wretch
ay and in truth you may see the manacles ready st take them and with
ay but i will urge thee and set thee on too move downward and his
ay in very deed i am piteous friends to behold ch and didst thou chance
ay but in foresight along with boldness 27 what mischief is there that thou
ay tempestuous sea of baleful calamities io what gain then is me to live but
ay wise indeed who first weighed well this maxim and with his tongue published
ay and pangs too yet harder to bear than these of mine shall he sustain
ay altogether do i come short of such feelings but do thou hie thee back
ay but time as he grows old teaches things mer and yet verily thou knowest
ay but tis said that the gods of the captured city abandon ch at time
ay and in very truth here comes our prince son of oedipus very opportunely
ay the hateful curse of my dear father consummated sits hard beside me with dry
ay the curses of oedipus have raged beyond bounds and too true were my visions
ay and he cut off his brother ant wretched family ism that hath endured
ay call stern 179 yet this corpse shall lie unburied her what wilt thou honor
ay but this deed of his fell on instead of one ant contention is the
ay ay sir shoal of sperm whales there she blows there she breaches sing out
ay sir shoal of sperm whales there she blows there she breaches sing out sing
ay ay sir there she blows there there thar she blows bowes bo o os
ay sir there she blows there there thar she blows bowes bo o os how
ay happy wilt thou be thou succeed fair the fame thy toil shall win yet
ay and the targets to put off the shame then lest my lie be cropp
ay sir and he deserves so to be called his peaceable reign and good government
ay but hark you my friend twas we that made up this garment through the
ay so well that you must be her master and she will be your scholar
ay traitor pericles even in his throat unless be the king that calls me traitor
ay me poor maid born in tempest when my mother died this world to me
ay to eleven and brought them down again but shall i search the market bawd
ay she pooped him she made him roast meat worms but i ll go search
ay and better too we offend worse neither is our profession any trade calling
ay and you shall live in pleasure marina bawd yes indeed shall you and taste
ay he he offered to cut caper at the proclamation but he made groan at
ay by my faith they shall be changed yet bawd boult spend thou that in
ay and two fawns i risked my neck to find in steep glen with coats
ay then i warrant when they saw me slash micon young vines and trees with

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