Jah Wobble
b. John Wardle, London, England. An innovative bass player, Wobble began his career with Public Image Limited. Previously he had been known as one of the ‘four Johns’ who hung around Malcolm McLaren's Sex boutique. Heavily influenced by the experimental rhythms of bands like Can, his input to PiL's METAL BOX collection inspired in turn many novice post-punk bass players. By August 1980 he had become one of the many instrumentalists to fall foul of Lydon in PiL's turbulent career, and set about going solo. 1983 saw him joining with his hero Holger Czukay and U2's The Edge for SNAKE CHARMER, before he put together the Human Condition, a combo specializing in free-form jazz and dub improvisation. However, when they disbanded, the mid-80s quickly became wilderness years for Wobble: ‘The biggest kickback I have had was from sweeping the platform at Tower Hill station. It was a scream. You felt like getting on the intercom and saying ‘‘The next train is the Upminster train, calling at all stations to Upminster and by the way, I USED TO BE SOMEONE!".’ However, when he began listening to North African, Arabic and Romany music, he was inspired to pick up his instrument once more. It was 1987 when he met guitarist Justin Adams, who had spent much of his early life in Arab countries. Their bonding resulted in Wobble putting together Invaders Of The Heart, with producer Mark Ferda on keyboards. After tentative live shows they released WITHOUT JUDGEMENT in the Netherlands, where Wobble had maintained cult popularity. As the late '80s saw a surge in the fortunes of dance and rhythmic expression, Invaders Of The Heart and Wobble suddenly achieved a surprise return to the mainstream. This was spearheaded by 1990's Bomba, remixed by Andy Weatherall on the fashionable Boy's Own label. Wobble was in demand again, notably as collaborator on Sinead O'Connor's I DO NOT WANT WHAT I HAVEN'T GOT and Primal Scream's Higher Than The Sun. This was quickly followed by Invaders Of The Heart's RISING ABOVE BEDLAM, in turn featuring contributions from O'Connor (the dance hit, Visions Of You) and Natacha Atlas.

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