The Beloved
Initially known in 1983 as the Journey Through and comprising Jon Marsh (b. c.1964), Guy Gousden and Tim Havard, the Beloved fell into place a year later when Cambridge University student and ex-postman Steve Waddington (b. c.1959) joined on guitar. It was no straightforward initiation ceremony either. Marsh had placed an advert in the music press which ran thus: ‘I am Jon Marsh, founder member of the Beloved. should you too wish to do something gorgeous, meet me in exactly three year's time at exactly 11am in Diana's Diner, or site thereof, Covent Garden, London, WC2’. Tentative stabs at heavy psychedelia evolved into a more pop orientated formula by the mid-80s, with the Beloved's dark, danceable sounds often being compared to New Order and garnering attention throughout Europe. Marsh became a contestent on television quiz show COUNTDOWN in 1987, featuring on nine programmes before being knocked out in the semi-finals. It was not until 1988, however, that the Beloved started living up to their name: Waddington and Marsh, heavily influenced by the nascent ‘rave’ scene in London at that time, split from Gousden and Harvard and started forging their own path. Unshackled from the confines of a four-cornered set-up, the revitalised duo dived into the deep end of the exploding dance movement, subsequently breaking into commercial waters with the ambient textures of Sun Rising. The HAPPINESS album, backed by Marsh and Waddington's enthusiastic chatter concerning the virtues of floatation tanks and hallucinogenic substances, perfectly embodied the tripped-out vibe of the times and sealed the Beloved's fashionable success in worldwide territories. By 1993's CONSCIENCE, Marsh had left his former partner Waddington, using his wife Helena as his new creative foil. The resultant album was more whimsical and understated than previous affairs, with a pop rather than club feel.

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