BMX Bandits
This group of independent mavericks from Glasgow, Scotland were built around the disputed genius of Douglas Bandit, who was formerly a member of the Pretty Flowers. Douglas is a talented writer who has never found his lack of musicianship a handicap. Sean Dickson was the Flowers’ invisible member, supplying music for them. Together they formed the BMX Bandits with the original intention of playing one gig and retiring. However, Sean could not double up and play guitar and percussion live so the drum stool went to the band's former saxophonist. Dickson, however, left to form the more successful Soup Dragons. The rest of the band comprised Billy and James. Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub played for the band frequently. Forever condemned as one of the ‘shambling’ or ‘anorak’ bands, Douglas did little to dispel their twee image by dispensing free sweets to audiences. However, calling their album C86 was definitely a tongue in cheek move (named after the New Musical Express compilation which gave the much maligned movement a discernible identity). More recent outings have revealed a penchant for ‘rocking out’, leather trousers and all. STAR WARS included a track Life Goes On written by friends Captain America, while it is promised that further new material will be issued on Creation. Douglas was once a late-night television presenter, while legend has it that one original member left to become a Freemason. By no means the perfect pop band, they are not nearly as awful as their interesting history and reputation implies.

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